Giant Book of Creativity

Here’s the Latest Book from Bobbi Conner:


500 Activities to Encourage Creativity in Kids Ages 2 to 12-Play, Pretend, Draw, Dance, Sing, Write, Build, Tinker


Here's a book that doesn't just offer arts and crafts and call it a "kids' creativity book." Instead, it provides 500 activities for kids that cover: art, music, dance, theatrics, pretend play, storytelling, construction, and creative writing--all in one big book for kids 2 to 12 years old. There's also a smart and practical "Creativity Guide for Parents" that provides tips for being a creativity mentor.

Editorial Reviews:

"Bobbi Conner is sophisticated about developmental, social, cultural, and psychological issues, but she is also just plain fun!"—Mary Pipher, PhD, author of the New York Times best seller Reviving Ophelia

"Bobbi Conner is highly regarded by all of us in the pediatric world committed to providing accurate and useful information to parents."—Laura Jana, MD, media spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics

"Bobbi Conner understands what parents need to know."—Jane Healy, PhD, educational psychologist and author of Your Child's Growing Mind

“A treasure trove of creative ideas, games, songs, and activities for children of all ages.”—David Elkind, PhD, author of The Power of Play and Parenting on the Go

About the Author

BOBBI CONNER is known for creating high-quality child development and parenting resources--radio programs, podcasts, and books. For twenty-four years Conner was the host of the award-winning Parent's Journal nationwide public radio series, broadcast in the US on more than 150 NPR stations and worldwide on the American Forces Radio Network. Now Conner's weekly parenting podcasts are featured online at She is the author of Unplugged Play (Workman Publishing, 2007). Conner is a popular parent education speaker, presenting workshops to parents, educators, and professionals across the United States on topics related to childhood creativity, unplugged playtime, and practical parenting. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is the mother of three children who were raised with a hefty dose of creativity.