Learning Differences In Children

Dr. Gary Fisher provides in-depth information about learning differences, with a look at how parents can ensure a good education for every child with learning differences.

Learning Disabilities

Dr. Desmond Kelly shares his expertise on the important role parents play in helping a child with learning disabilities.

Fun Activities For Your Preschool Child

Bobbi chats with Mary Leonhardt about fun activities that help prepare preschool children for the concept of writing.

Advocating For Your Child's Education

Carolyn Spence helps parents develop a strategy to ensure that each child receives a good education and gets extra help whenever needed.

Why Are Some Parents Homeschooling?

Dr. Donald Erickson explores homeschooling as an educational option for children.

Helping A Child Who Struggles With Reading

Susan Hall offers help for children who struggle with reading during the early elementary school years.

Financing College

Mark Kantrowitz shares financial tips and information for parents who are planning for their child's college education.

Helping Children Develop Thinking Skills

Bobbi chats with Dr. Mel Levine about helping kids develop good thinking skills.

Keeping Kids On Track At School

John Lazares offers suggestions for keeping kids on track in school.

Helping Teens Search For The Right College

Jay Matthews offers his wisdom on the college search process for high school seniors and their parents.

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