Unplugged Play™

About the Book

Most parents agree that kids are spending too much time watching TV, videos, and clicking the keypad on electronic toys, but they just aren’t sure how to pull the plug on excessive electronic play!

Unplugged Play™ comes to the rescue-with 710 games and activities that allow parents to say, “YES” to creative, active, imaginative play. For toddlers, preschoolers and grade-schoolers.

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Reviews and Praise for Unplugged Play™

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About the Author

Bobbi Conner is a national child development and parenting journalist and parent-education speaker (& former host of
Parent's Journal Public Radio show)

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Play INterviews of the Week

Rae Pica chats about play, movement as a way to help with early literacy skills.

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BOBBI CONNER presents workshops for Parents & Educators on:

  • The Joys of Happy, Active Playtime
  • Creativity - An Essential Ingredient in Childhood
  • Tips to Manage Screen-Time at Home

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