Unplugged Play™

About the Book

Unplugged Play™ offers---

Quick-and-Easy Solo Play and Busy Body Games - just right for a few minutes of fun-filled entertainment while Mom or Dad make dinner or need a few minutes of quiet time

Games to Play With Others - loads of unplugged games for play-dates for toddlers, preschooler and grade-schoolers!

Creative and Imaginative Play - building with blocks, making forts, doing arts & crafts, music and theatrics and pretending!

Classic Games - how-to-play info for favorites like Red-Light-Green-Light,

Play Ideas for Parent and Child - indoor games, outdoor games, quiet games and silly games- parents and kids share a game and make a connection.

110 Games for Family Game Night! - make game-night a tradition and find fabulous activities to mix-up the fun

AND.... The (D.I.B.S) Plan to Manage Electronic Play - easy, real-life ideas to deal with electronic toys, games, videos in your child’s routine

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