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Indoor Playhouse for Children         

We took some moving boxes that were pretty big and cut them in half
on the height and then taped them together so that it made one big box.
We cut doors and windows in it, so it has all kinds of hinged (folded)
windows and doors that flip open and close.  My son has a great time playing in it. 

We've decorated it as well. We had some house paint which we used
to paint the playhouse, and we also used some old wallpaper. We used
magazines and clip art, things my son had drawn, just a little bit of everything.
We also put little boxes on the outside for flower boxes and it just keeps
getting more elaborate over time. My husband and I did it in one evening
for about 4 or 5 hours and it was a nice activity.  Whenever kids come over
to play, that's the first toy they go to.

Kimberly from Nebraska


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